It must have been 10 or 11 years ago I started my first blog. At the time it was called Junglefrog Cooking (it had some other names prior to that but I’ll spare you those…) A screenshot of the old site you see below…

After a couple of years blogging became more populair in the Netherlands and I figured I wanted to start a blog in Dutch. That first became Frogbites, referring back to Junglefrog Cooking, but that name just didn’t really do it for me. So eventually – in 2013 – I changed it to Simone’s Kitchen. And to be consistent (as if I am ever consistent!!) I changed Junglefrog Cooking into ‘In Simone’s Kitchen’

That situation lastest until march 2017. I started blogging less and less on the English site. I don’t really know why but I kind of lost the love. So it was time to move on. While I had always combined food and travel I felt the need to expand a bit on that and have more topics to cover. Enter Fun, Food and Travels. Not a very original name maybe but considering that all good names tend to be taken already, it fits the bill. And let’s face it: Simone’s Kitchen is not that original either!

And who am I?

As you probably guessed by now, my name is Simone and I am a Dutch woman living in the middle of the Netherlands with Tom and our cats Buffy and Humphrey. We have no kids.

My official profession is foodphotographer and I shoot a lot of cookbooks, but also work for brands and restaurants. I develop recipes for brands as well, I blog – of course – and love to travel.

My life changed quite a bit when I got a serious accident in december of 2015. I crushed my right ankle, shattering the bone in a gazillion pieces, broke my left ankle and a rib too. Initially the doctors where not too positive about my recovery. The fear was that the bone in my right ankle would die. The bone that was shattered was the talus. The worst bone to break in your body (well, maybe not the worst but certainly not the best) as the bloodflow, when broken, stops and risk of bone death is a big risk. 95% in my case. Plus the ankle had been dislocated for 4 days which is way too long. That had to do with the accident happening in Norway and transport back to Holland.

Anyway I was finally operated on December 11th 2015. My ankle was fixed with 9 screws and a plate and the fragments that could not be reattached where removed. A rather difficult period followed but I tried to do the best I could to recover. Which was hard with two legs broken, I can tell you that! Every few weeks I had to go to the hospital for x-rays to make sure the bone was still healing and every time it proved a small miracle that the bone seemed to heal rather than deteriorate.

Fast forward to today: while I still have trouble walking long distances and while I have pain in my ankle every day: I can walk again. Something no one had really thought would happen again. The doctor calls me his ‘medical miracle’ and always uses me as an example in his lectures.

it does require constant attention and to make sure I do the best I can to recover lost muscles and all that, I have a personal trainer and work with her twice a week. It’s the only way to get the best functionality possible.


Due to all that I became more and more interested in nutrition as well and the effect it has on your body and general health. So I started a study in nutrition in 2017 and hope to get the first degree by the end of 2017.  While I am lucky to still be able to do my work, I have to take into account that my ankle will not become better as I grow older. So I have to think of alternative careers.

Fun, food & travels

While travel is no longer as straight forward as it used to be, I still love it and try to do it as much as possible. So that is – in short – how fun, food and travels was born. It will be the place I’ll share recipes (as before on SK) travel stories, nutritional information and just general fun stuff…

I hope you like it here as much as I do and feel free to leave a comment! Hope to see you soon!