Confession: we certainly did not do a very good job last night. The mister thought it was the official start of iQS on Monday so a last bottle of wine and some nuts would be fine. Now technically I’m sure that both items are ok but not with the amount of cashew nuts we consumed. Pfft… stupid, stupid. Between the two of us we ate the whole bag of 500 grams in total. Will we ever learn? On the upside: I feel só ready to start now. I know we’ve had too many moments where we said we would be eating healthy going forward only to relapse into unhealthy eating a few days later. We’re busy people so we tend to make excuses so we have a ‘reason’ to misbehave. I’m so fed up with not sticking to my own promises.


It’s not only the sugar, it is also the overeating. The constant need to chew on something. O and let’s not forget the washing away with wine. I don’t drink too much. Having had a alcohol addicted boyfriend will make sure you never go to far but still it’s unnecessary to drink wine three days in the week I think. I do have a alcohol alert radar. Wish I had that for too much food as well.

I can start out with all those good intentions in the morning but then once evening falls and we’re finally home and relaxing, it is sooo tempting to have a snack. Don’t know why to be honest as it is not that we’re “hungry” by any means. I guess constant over-eating grows into a habit quite rapidly. It’s going to be tough to beat but I’m ready for it. I’m soooo fed up with that eating too much!

Last night we did have the dinner that was on the program and it was delicious. We had carrot cucumber noodle salad with chicken and satay sauce. Doesn’t sound all that bad, now does it?


The biggest challenge going forward is to stick to the program and not deviate too much. I know I will a little as our lives are too irregular to always stick to schedules. And that is ok as long as we stick to allowed food and quantities.

I can remember two years ago when we did a ‘whole30’: it was such a liberating experience and an eye opener too. I had a lot of little things that bugged me. Restless legs to name just one. And after 30 days of no sugar, no alcohol, no grains, no dairy and no legumes that just went away. Eight kilo’s went away too. And I felt amazing! I did miss the bread and especially the yogurt in the morning. Maybe I missed that the most. Having to eat eggs for breakfast for 30 days was NOT fun. Not that we needed too, but options are limited if you have to cut out so much.

I quit sugar is easier to handle as it is allowing you to eat some dairy even though there is a limit in intake. Haven’t really looked into that exactly but will going forward. I think I saw a post on dairy. Will be interesting to read up on that.

I know there’s tons of “healthy blogs” out there at the moment and I have friends who are sick and tired of hearing about ‘glutenfree’ and ‘dairyfree’ or even ‘sugarfree’, so while I believe there is some truths in all of that, I do want to tread with caution. I don’t want to estrange friends. They know I do these ‘things’ once in a while where I eat like that. And that is ok. I’m still not entirely sure what is best for me. I am of the firm believe that everyone is different. There is no set of rules that applies to everyone. I might be ok with eating gluten and dairy and other people might not. I just want to eat the best I can for me. For my body. O and lose weight in the process.

They do say that diet is about 80% of your weight and exercise is a bonus. So if I get that food intake fixed, I’ll be well on my way. And now… for the shocking numbers:

  • Weight – 105 kiloooooo
  • Chest     – 111 cm
  • Belly       –  122 cm
  • Thighs    – 73 cm
  • Arms – 36 cm
  • Waist – 106 cm

Work to do!!