The first week is almost over and well… it’s been on and off. I’ve eaten well, the food is delicious but I’ve also strayed from the path a couple of times. I had to shoot a burger for work and so I had that for dinner instead of the intended roasted veggies with pork sausage. Technically not a lot of sugar involved but the program is also limiting quite a bit on the carb side and a hamburger bun is guaranteed to have some sugar in it. Pretty sure of that, without checking the contents of the package.


So there’s that. Plus I have to do better in planning. I think especially since my life is mostly about food (I’m a foodphotographer) I have to prepare better for when I shoot foods that are off plan. Job for next week.

On the plus side: we did eat really well, even when I winged it a bit and made a salad instead of the meal that was on the list. We did not have any snacks at night or wine. We tend to eat way to many salted nuts during any given week. Especially in the weekend, so now that the weekend is coming up… It’s going to be interesting to see how we do. I have every intention of sticking to it and not snack.


I do have a shoot tomorrow so fingers crossed I can stay strong. Wish me luck!

For next week on my to do list is:

  • Better planning
  • Double the quantities to allow for the mister to eat the same food as well
  • Bring lunch to work so I don’t get tempted to eat what I shouldn’t
  • Less bread

I’ll be giving another update once the weekend is over to see how it went!