Breakfast with bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes |

A good start of the day!

I have to say that it is odd starting a new blog from scratch without telling anyone about it. You have to know that I already have a good running foodblog in my mother language and a facebook page with almost 9000 fans. A site with more than 60.000 unique visitors each month and than there is here; with literally no visitors.. Lol..

It feels kind of liberating to not have to worry about anything and just go with the flow. I can post once a day or five times a day or three times a week (which is the official plan) and no one will know. But like I said it is a little odd writing for no one. I’m sure it will eventually be picked up somewhere by someone and there might be a visitor here and there but it’s an interesting experiment. I have had blogs in the past but always did I tell everyone I knew so that always means that visitors come automatically.

This time I am planning on telling not a soul. Sure I will post on social media but with a brand new twitter account and a brand new facebook page you can shout all you like but still no one will see or hear it! Weird huh? I do have a pinterest account that I will share some of this as well so that might generate some traffic. I’m not going to open a separate pinterest account just for here. That is just silly.

Breakfast with tomatoes |

But I am very curious to find out if there will be a natural occuring flow of visitors coming in. When I started my first blog – back in 2007 – things were very different. There were not so many blogs out there and it was easier to get noticed. Now I am jus swimming with the tide. I might be one of those blogs that get – at most – 2 visitors a day. Who knows? We will see! For now I have this delicious breakfast for you that is paleo approved, glutenfree and quite frankly delicious! It will also keep you going till lunchtime without any problems as it is filling.


Eggs, bacon and loads of tomatoes

Breakfast with bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes |
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  • 2 egg
  • handful tomatoes
  • 100 gram button mushrooms
  • 4 slices bacon
  • 1 spring onions cut into rings
  • butter for baking


  1. Heat a frying pan and – without adding any butter – fry the slices of bacon until crispy and leave to drain on kitchen paper.

  2. Melt the butter or ghee in the same frying pan and add the mushrooms to it. Bake until softened.

  3. Slice the tomatoes in half or in quarters, depending on their size and bake your eggs sunny side up.

  4. Serve all together on a plate and enjoy