Not too long ago I was under the impression – like most people – that in order to lose weight, you would have to eat less fat. And therefore choosing a lighter version of your favourite things made total sense. I am talking about things like yogurt, cheese and more of those calorie bombs. However since that time I have learned a lot and I have become much more aware of the function of healthy fats.

I also learned that light products are not healthier than a full fat version. In most cases they are not. Why you wonder? Removing the fat of a product also removes taste. And removing that means you have to replace it something else or it will become inedible. And any producer of foods knows that if something doesn’t taste good, it won’t sell. So they load the product full with sugar, artificial flavours and salt. We have a tendency to like sweet flavours. And so what happens is that instead of drinking one glass of cola, you take a light version and end up drinking the bottle. Because that is what happens with light versions. Plus removing the fat means it takes longer to be satiated too.

In the nutritional coach program I am following at the moment their is a strong preference towards food that has not been changed, as much as possible. It’s better to eat it in it’s most natural state than to remove fat (which means it is processed) If you eat organic and as little as possible of processed foods you come a long way.

Have a look at an average light dressing you’ll find in the supermarket and take a look at the ingredientlabel. Apart from the fact that it is probably really long, there will – for sure – be added sugars in there and a whole loads of other chemicals that get added. It’s much better to choose for your favorite olive oil and to add a bit of vinegar and pepper and you’re good to go. Much better in taste and healthier for you too!