Making your own oat milk |

I love my dairy but there are times when I feel I have to cut down. For one it reacts on my hayfever. So each hay fever season I try and limit my intake of milk and cheese. Yoghurt seems to be ok mostly so it’s just those two that I try and reduce the intake of. And it’s always good to have various options when it comes to milk. I love almond milk for instance and I’ll share the recipe for that soon too. It’s so easy to make and compared to store bought almond milk is so much better! I recently checked the contents of a package of almond milk in the supermarket and apart from having loads of sugar it contained only 2 % almonds. Which I thought was rather odd for a product that is labeled almond milk.

Oat milk |

For making the milk it is best to use oat flakes that are not quick or instant. The instant ones are usually finer. The ‘normal ones’ have bigger flakes. It’s essentially a very simple process and one that doesn’t take a lot of time. I used a cheesecloth for straining the milk but it turned out that my cheesecloth was having too fine a lining. That meant I ended up squeezing the milk out of it. That worked too. 🙂 But it would be wiser to use something that is not too fine.


Making your own oat milk

Oat milk |

Makes about 300 ml of oatmilk

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  • Yield: 300 ml


  • 200 gram rolled oats
  • 500 ml water


  1. Place the oats and the water together in a blender or food processor and turn it for a while. Pour into a sieve with a cheesecloth and leave to drain. I noticed my cheese cloth was too fine and so I ended up squeezing the milk out of the oats. With the above quantities I was left with 300 ml of oat milk.