You know those moments in life when you just don’t care about eating the right way? For me those dangerous moments are when I’m really tired. Last night was one of those days. I had been working all day and when I came home I had to wait another few hours before the mister would be home. He worked really late so by the time he called that he was on his way home I kind of felt like eating fries… So that’s what we did. We had fries with a hotdog and mayo… O and a glass of wine too.


Sigh… So than I did have a proper breakfast this morning but for lunch I didn’t feel like going the healthy route so I had a sandwich. In none of those cases did I have sugar, so that is the good news, but the bad news is that it’s also not really what I had wanted to eat. And on top of that: I am going out for dinner with a friend tonight, so it’s going to be tricky to keep to my non sugar intentions. I have every intention of doing that though, so I will be reading up on Sarah’s tips for going out for dinner while on the program and I will be making good choices. I promise!

Dark clouds over sugarfree heaven
Dark clouds over sugarfree heaven

And tomorrow there is a whole new week ahead of me. I have another busy schedule as always but I will be better in planning and have everything lined up to continue on the sugarfree path. I can do this!

And I guess there will always be highs and lows. I just have to prepare for when I have another weak moment. As I’m sure I will have at some point..

Wish me luck!