How weird is it to be happy with something that is essentially quite annoying but since two days my jeans are starting to become a bit too lose. I keep pulling them up (yes I know I need to get a belt but that wasn’t necessary before!) and I can feel it hanging around my bottom a bit.

I couldn’t resist the temptation so I stepped on the scale this morning and yay, it showed 2 kilo less.. 🙂 So even though I’m not entirely following the plan as it should, it is doing it’s job!


I feel good too. No headaches yet. I sleep a little bit better than before. Sleep has been a bit of an issue of late since I had the accident. I have good nights but I have more bad nights. It’s getting better now so I’m hoping this will do the trick! Fingers crossed.

The new mealplan for week 2 is out and I love the look of it. There’s some pretty good recipes in there that I will for sure be making. First some major grocery shopping to do. The one thing I dislike in the shoppinglist is that it doesn’t tell you when you need what item. If I buy lettuce on sunday and only need it on friday it’s bound to have died by then. So that takes some additional planning and checking and such. But that’s ok…

While week 1 it was still ok to have a little bit of sugar (as in honey or a little bit of fruit) from week 2 the sugar is entirely off limits. So more label checking and more homecooking and no more white buns as they do contain sugar. I’m still highly motivated so I think I can take step 2!

To be continued!