Personal trainer |

As it turns out I need a strong motivation to get moving. When I had the accident about 7 months ago now I never imagined it would take this long to heal. Or that it even might never heal again (which is what it looks like at the moment) so I started by buying a hometrainer. But boy that is such a boring thing to do!! The hometrainer is gathering dust in a corner so time to do something else.

I have to confess that the whole I quit sugar program is failing a bit at the moment. I am saving all the recipes and the program so i can pick it up again when I want but I’ve not been doing it very faithfully. Fast forward to this week where I decided a personal trainer might be the answer. It is different when someone is watching over your shoulder and urging you to do things. Plus Nicole (the name of my PT) is actively monitoring my food intake through an app we share. So yes I can still enter the wrong details but the only one I am kidding with that is myself. So I have been faithfully entering everything I eat on a daily basis. It also synchronizes with my fitbit so it is easy to see for Nicole how much I move on an average day.


Considering my handicap I am not doing all that bad in the movement department but I move in a weird way which puts strain on a lot of muscles in my body. Bad strain that is. So I need to get stronger muscles, lose weight and get fit again. Enter the PT. I am quite excited to start, even though I still have to wait for another month as Nicole is first going on a holiday. But I am pumped and will definitely keep a journal of how things are going here.

I might even pick up the IQS program again so make sure I eat proper and healthy food. O and to give you an idea of where I am starting; fat percentage is a whopping 48,7% and weight 102 kilo… Ouch…

Can’t wait to start!