The 30 day vegan challenge | funfoodandtravels.comThose weird vegans…

Ok, I have to admit that not too long ago I thought of vegans as radical. I understood people going vegetarian as that makes total sense to me, but vegan? Now that was a whole different story. But than I started reading up on things. I watched too many documentaries that all showed – painfully clear – that the animal industry is a horrible one. And that eggs and dairy are not necessarily much better.

While the vegetarian philosophy of not killing any living creatures is a good one, there are still loads of animals being killed for the dairy industry. What to think about baby chickens killed just because they are male and therefore not able to lay eggs? Or baby calves being torn away from their mother just so the mum will continue to produce endless amounts of milk? Talk about cruelty. And the list goes on. Watch any documentary like cowspiracy, Food inc. or one of the many others and you’ll quickly be convinced that it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to go vegan.

Yet… there is the food aspect. And that little voice in the back of your mind shouting ‘No I can never go without eggs! You’ve taken away the bacon already, now let me keep something… Please!’

I think replacing dairy is not the hardest part. I can live without milk (never drink that anyway) and while I love butter I can replace that easily with olive oil and coconut butter. Yogurt I can substitute for soy or coconut, so that is not such a big deal. On top of that I am prone to hay fever and dairy makes it worse. So that’s easier to let go of… O and I’m forgetting the cheese! I love cheese… So yes that will be a ‘thing’. I just ordered a box of nutritional yeast as I read that it resembles parmesan cheese on things like pasta. If it does, life will become a whole lot easier.

Anyway, so it’s eggs that will be the hardest to give up. I love eggs. I do get them from a source close by where the chickens run around the land and have a good life. But is that good enough? I have yet to decide on that one.

Vegan challenge

In the Netherlands the Vegan society hosts a 30-day vegan challenge twice a year and the last one started on April 1st (not a Joke!) and I’ve decided to give it a good try. So I started eating vegan as of today. I haven’t told Tom yet. I think I will do that after a few days. He won’t really notice the difference between vegetarian and vegan… 🙂 He thinks it’s virtually the same anyway. He’s a meat eater but he eats vegetarian at home, so that is a big relief. I was a bit worried about that one when I first told him I was thinking about going vega.

You will see non-vegan recipes pass by here as I had those made already but expect to see more vegan too. In the meantime you can check the vegan recipes category. Not that much there yet but there will soon be more!